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Welcome to the 6 online Modules which make up our Pre-Course Material for our Muscle Nerds Foundation Course!

The video content across all 6 modules totals approximately 5 hours, with the shortest video about 6 minutes long, and the longest (by Luke – surprise surprise) around 40 minutes. Please take your time on these videos. The purpose of this content is to provide you with a base level of understanding and familiarity with the terms and concepts which will be addressed further during the 3 day seminar.

Throughout the videos, if you have any questions, please note them down and bring them to the course with you. We ask that you keep your questions until the end of the 3 days as there is a high chance that the answer will be covered in the course content itself. If at the end of the 3 days your question hasn’t been addressed or answered, please fire them our way and we will be glad to answer them for you.

You will see below a Glossary available for download. If there are any terms that are covered in the videos but not listed in the Glossary, please note those down and email info@musclenerds.net, and we will update the Glossary for you all asap. You will all be notified via email if there are any updates to any of this pre-course material.

You will also note that under each video the presentation slides are available for download for you to keep. The slides used throughout the 3-day seminar will be made available to you post course.

Enjoy the videos, and we look forward to seeing you in class!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have received this material as part of our 2022 advent calendar, we ask you to please keep in mind this is pre-course material. The information taught is not complete, as its purpose is to create awareness on topics which are to be built on during the in-person seminar. 


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