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 ““Assessment is not static, but an action. An ongoing formative process to ensure your clients are getting what they need.”

Every workout or training session that your clients do, is written by you.

And, there is a spectrum of program design quality that spans from completely random and unstructured with no consideration for specific adaptations, to highly individualised and periodised programming.

Muscle Nerds Online Assessment Course PD Continuum


The difference between both ends of the spectrum?


  • Knowledge around program design principles and how to apply them.
  • Knowledge around specific adaptations and how to stimulate them.
  • Knowledge of quantifiable client metrics and how to interpret them.

Being able to bring together a variety of factors, critically think and analyse them, and put together an efficient and effective program for your client is key to belonging on the right side of that spectrum.

One tool in your toolbox that will contribute to truly personalised programming, is not just knowing their goals, but also knowing their structural and functional requirements.

  • Where do their imbalances lie?
  • Where do their strength discrepancies lie?
  • What is causing their pain and discomfort?
Muscle Nerds Online Assessment Strength

This online course will help you answer these questions, and improve your service as a personal trainer and coach, because being a coach should be more than just giving someone a 6-pack and having them fit into a size 6 dress.

“Assessment is the ongoing process of gathering, analysing, and reflecting on evidence to make informed and consistent judgements.”

We put together this course for a variety of reasons:

1. To take out the guess work when their clients have discomfort, pain, dysfunction, or restricted range of motion

2. So trainers have the ability to not only give their clients big biceps, quads, glutes, and shoulders, but well-functioning biceps, quads, glutes, and shoulders

3. To understand when something can be made better with intelligent exercise selection and execution, and when something needs to be referred out

4. For trainers to really dial down to the one thing they’re qualified to do – train their clients through movement

5. Allow for truly bespoke programming for their clients based not just off their goals, but their structural and functional needs as well

Online Assessments Course Muscle Nerds Imbalances Training

“You can only manage what you measure.  Assess – don’t guess.”

Online Assessments Course Muscle Nerds Videos

In this course, there are 41 videos ranging from 2 to 23 minutes with most of them settling around the 5-minute mark. We set out to keep them bite-sized, digestible, and easy to follow. The videos cover:

  • Hyper-mobility & hypo-mobility
  • Fully body passive range of motion (PROM) testing
  • Fully body active range of motion (AROM) testing
  • Length Tension Testing
  • Muscle Testing
  • Special Testing, including Thomas test, Ilium alignment, and overhead squat

We also have an online assessment workbook for you to utilise which:

  • Guides you through the ROM assessments
  • Has tips on how to perform the ROM assessments
  • Outlines the target outcomes you are looking for in each assessment
  • Allows you to record the results of each assessment & upload photos
  • Saves a PDF or email report of the results

“Coaching without assessing is like painting with your eyes closed””

Muscle Nerds Online Assessments Strengths Imbalance Measure