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“Your Uncle Derek had a heart attack last night, out of nowhere!

“I had a stroke last year; it just came out of nowhere!”

“Your father went to the doctor last week for the first time in a few years, and his blood pressure was 175/98!”

Hypertension and heart disease very rarely come out of nowhere. It’s been brewing for quite a while before you hit the point of no return. 

The problem is most people aren’t even aware something is going on until they’re kneeled over on their kitchen floor while a loved one is calling for the ambulance. 

It’s why it’s called the silent killer.

But it doesn’t have to be silent if you know what to look for.

This course is written to educate you on hypertension so you can increase the quality and quantity of your life, your client’s life, and/or the life of a loved one.

It is full of instantly applicable information you can use to quite literally save lives.

Hypertension is mainly asymptomatic, which means unless you measure it, you would have no idea you have it.

It is one of the top 3 most deadly diseases, only surpassed by cancer and heart disease.

High blood pressure kills nearly as many people worldwide each year as all infectious diseases combined

33-53% of people with hypertension don’t even know they have it.

Life expectancy of a 35-year-old male at various BP’s:

120/80: 76 years

130/90: 67.5 years 

140/95: 62.5 years

150/100: 55 years

From 115/75, with every 20-point increase in systolic, and 10-point increase in diastolic, your risk of heart disease DOUBLES.

Over 50% of deaths from cardiovascular disease could be reduce if specific risk factors were brought under control.  This is where we come in.

Risk factors for hypertension include:

Being overweight or obese

Not being physically active

Using tobacco

High Sodium intake (if salt-sensitive)

Too little potassium intake

Excessive/Regular alcohol consumption




Family history/genetics

Certain chronic conditions (diabetes, kidney disease, sleep apnoea)

90-95% of medically diagnosed hypertension is categorised as primary hypertension. This means that they cannot find a single discernible cause.  In these instances, the best way to lower blood pressure, and therefore lower the risk of mortality due to high blood pressure, is to lower your risk factors.

This 14 hour online self-paced course runs through just how to do this, and covers:


What is Hypertension

The Cardiovascular System

Damage & Damage Control

Measuring Hypertension

Categorizing Hypertension

Ranges of blood pressure

Causes & Risk Factors


Perception of Stress & the nervous system

Hypertension & Exercise



Resistance Training


Hormones & Inflammation

Training Variables





Are you ready to put some health back into the health and fitness industry?

Warning: This course contains explicit language