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Online Coaching does not give you freedom.

 It gives you flexibility.

And it is that flexibility, *managed well* that gives you freedom.

 If managed poorly – then congratulations, you have spent all of that time and effort creating a prison for yourself.

But you know what?

We’re likely getting a bit ahead of ourselves here.

Because this is all under the assumption that you can even get your online coaching business off the ground.

What gets you clients on the gym floor isn’t necessarily what will get you clients online. In fact, we can almost guarantee you that it won’t.  And once you have the clients, the way you are a Coach to them will need to shift as well

Online training is a very attractive prospect. There are some GREAT benefits.

But how can we prevent ourselves from making the mistake of going online in search of freedom only to find ourselves enslaved by a desk and a computer instead?

How do we speak online so we’re heard by the right people?

How do we know how to be a Coach and not just a cookie cutter template provider?


You come to our Online Overhaul Seminar, that’s how.

The masterminds of Online Coaching Luke Leaman and Matt Peacock are teaming up for the first time ever to deliver a 2-day in-person seminar all about How To Coach Online. Day 1 will have Matt bring clarity to who you are setting out to help and assist you in developing the system you will use to help them. On day 2, Luke will go through how to actually be a coach online. 

DAY ONE⁣     

Identifying your (Online) Target Market

We genuinely believe this is one of the biggest issues online coaches have. When you’re a gym floor PT you want to work with as many people different people as possible, but to be a successful online coach you can’t be for everyone. If you try to speak to everyone, no one feels spoken to. Matt will help you identify who it is you’re going to help, and how.

Developing your Signature System

Once you have figured out who you are targeting, you need to figure out what you’re selling them. No one wakes up and says to themselves “I need online coaching”. Instead, they wake up with a problem that needs to be solved. Therefore, we need a signature system that solves a specific problem.  Matt will help you tease out some intellectual property which makes the whole prospect of selling a lot more sexy.

Identifying your online MVP (minimum viable product)

Newsflash – you don’t need the best of the best to get started. Everyone wants an all singing all dancing top of the line coaching system, when in actual fact, all you need is an MVP.  Matt will show you how to get that set up, and then how to scale from there.

BONUS: Plug and Play client coaching download.

DAY TWO     

Onboarding Process

This is important. It sets the tone of the level of service your clients can expect to receive, and there is a lot of information we need to get so we can truly help them in a bespoke manner. Luke will delve into what details are most important to obtain from your client at the onset, why you need it, and how best to get it. This includes:

· Intake questionnaire

 o    Goals 

 o    Clients training and nutrition history

 o    Preferences

 o    Determining any red flags around food and exercise 

· Personality assessments 

· Movement screening

· Work ethic

· Load management

Developing a Coaches Eye Online

In the online space, we are provided with a lot less visual feedback than we are in person. It therefore becomes important to know how to look for more, with less. Luke will cover:

· How to do structural/functional assessments

· How to assess exercise videos

· How to give feedback

· How to ensure progress

· How to do body readings (BONUS post-seminar online content)

BONUS: Options on how to structure your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.

Who this seminar is for

Coaches who do, or want to, offer high-cost fully customized one-to-one online training as a service to their clients. It is for Coaches who are working full time in in-person training and want to move into the Online Space. It is also for Coaches who are doing a blend of in-person and online coaching but who want to move fully online.

Who this seminar is not for

Coaches who want to expand their in-person training service, or Coaches who want to provide low-cost one-to-many training templates.


Are you ready to begin your coaching journey?