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The more tools in your toolbox = the more people you can help, the more personalised you can make your programs, and the better results you can get with your clients.

Which is why we are bringing a seminar which will fill your toolbox!⁣

The Training Methods Covered will include:⁣

→ GVT⁣
→ POF⁣
→ Drop Sets⁣
→ Pre-Exhaust⁣
→ Post-Exhaust⁣
→ Giant Sets⁣
→ DC Training/Heavy Duty/Mentzer⁣
→ Mechanical Advantage and Disadvantage⁣
→ 30-15-5 & 6-12-25⁣
→ GBC for hypertrophy⁣

The course will run through the history, the what, the how, the when and the when not of each method (+ more). There will be a practical component on each day that will blend a lot of these methods to highlight how you can get creative with your programming, while it still makes sense.⁣

Welcome to our Training Methods Seminar!


In mid-2022, we held 4 of these seminars around Australia.  Of the 4, we had 2 of them filmed and are giving you access to both of these recordings.

You will see below both Melbourne and Brisbane’s seminars are available to watch, and there are slight differences worth noting.


There are 14 videos per day, with the length of each video averaging around 25 minutes.  The sound quality of this seminar varies, as the microphone picked up a bit of background noise throughout the days. However, all videos are captioned for ease.


The videos for Brisbane’s seminar are longer, averaging around 1.5 hours each.  The sound quality is better, and these videos are also captioned. However, Luke had a chest infection while he was delivering this seminar, so is a little blocked up.

The content taught is the same so you can follow along using the same slides (downloadable below) on each recording.  However the tangents vary, as do the questions asked and answered.

We hope you enjoy being a fly on the wall, and if you give the workouts a go (which are available for download below), let us know how you get on!