Hi All,

A huge congratulations on making it through the Program Design Material!  The fact you are investing so heavily in your continuing education is a testament to yourself, and your clients are very lucky to have you.

Over the years, Luke and I have seen some incredible coaches struggle to get clients and build a successful business for themselves.  They are great coaches, they care deeply about doing the right thing, and they invest heavily in themselves to make sure they bring their best to the table.  They get great results, and they go above and beyond for everyone (often leaving little for themselves – sound familiar?)

It’s these coaches (a.k.a. YOU), that should have thriving successful businesses, full books, a waiting list, and charging top dollar for your services. 

The problem(s)?

A lot of you have imposter syndrome;

A lot of you don’t feel comfortable self promoting;

A lot of you feel like you don’t know anything because you’re focusing on all of the things you still have to learn, and don’t realise just how much you actually know (which is A LOT);

A lot of you don’t know business (it’s a whole other skill set than coaching – trust me);

A lot of you don’t know how to sell.  How to handle objections. How to communicate your worth;

A lot of you have a bad relationship with money and can’t and/or won’t increase your prices;

A lot of you don’t know how to manage money;

A lot of you don’t know how to market yourselves effectively to your ideal clientele (key term ‘ideal clientele’);

And these are only a small percentage of reasons why incredible coaches, like yourself, are not as successful as they should be.

Having been through the Program Design Course, you are armed with the tools and knowledge to get great results.  You have an incredible network of people willing to help and guide you (coughMuscleNerdscough).  You are already better than 99% of the industry.  The minute you signed up for this course you became better than the rest.  More than (almost) anything, Luke and I want you to take this knowledge, apply it, and then learn how to grow a wildly successful business from it.  To do that though, you need to learn some fundamental things.

Cue Pete.

Now we have been through a few sales courses.  We’ve been associated with a few business coaches.  We’ve seen countless ads to grow your business, earn 6 figures, learn funnels, workfromyourlaptoponabeach etc etc etc.  

It wasn’t until we came across Pete, that we found a sales, marketing, and business coach that aligned with our values, beliefs, and way of thinking.

We believe in hard work;

We have strong morals; and

We believe in helping people.

So does Pete.  

After signing up to Pete’s Impact Academy, we saw value within the first module that we just had to share with you.  Pete willingly agreed to put together some videos specifically for our Program Design Students.  

These 3 videos touch on broad concepts and are designed to steer you in the right direction.  Pete gives you some things to start thinking about and considering.  These videos are the ‘what’ and should be used as stepping stones towards learning the ‘how’.  If you want further coaching, guidance, accountability, and help, you can find Pete’s details here.

(NB: We have no business affiliation with Pete and get no kick backs of any kind.  We paid in full to sign up to his Academy and have found a lot of value in it.  This is a genuine recommendation from Muscle Nerds and believe you will find value in his work as well).