Online Program Design Course


Muscle Nerds have travelled and taught around the globe for over 3 years now.  Throughout those years we have received some valuable and consistent feedback.  One resounding theme we keep getting feedback on is the need and want for a Program Design Course.

We struggled a lot with trying to figure out how we would deliver this because Muscle Nerds does not succumb or subscribe to any one particular ‘method’ or ‘system’. The way the Muscle Nerds’ write all of their programs is entirely dependent on the client and is based on years and years of vast knowledge, copious amounts of research, being in the trenches, and from a variety of experiences – not from learning a Step A, Step B, Step C, method. We therefore pulled our hair out trying to figure out how we would even start to condense that down into a few days course.

The answer is: We can’t. And we won’t.

Instead we released an online, 10-week intensive Program Design Course. 

What began as an 8-week course quickly grew to a 10-week course that covers all of the things you need to take into consideration when programming, how to address those considerations, how to program progressively and effectively, and how to do this for normal, every-day, general population people (e.g. the bulk of your clients!).  It covers advanced program design, but will start right at the very crutch – Leastmode™ to Beastmode, and everything in between.

The course is delivered in video format with recommended reads per module, as well as additional resources provided.  At the end of the course, there is a final pass/fail cast study.  This is because we want everyone who completes the course to truly understand and be competent in Program Design.  It not just another ‘tick and flick’ certification that people do just to say that they have done it.  You have to demonstrate that you are able to effectively apply, and truly understand the information, not just memorise it.

Our final intake for this program design course beings on Monday, 5th June 2023.

Registering for the program design course means you will have access to the course material forever. Therefore, you can go through it as slowly or as quickly as you like, and resist the content as frequently as you need. You can submit your case study for assessment at any point you feel ready.

During the final intake which commences in June, there are fortnightly group call to discuss any questions you have, go over any troublesome clients you may like some help with, or to re-cover any topics you might be struggling with. If you are unable to make the fortnightly calls, they are recorded and available for viewing every monday. 

The outcome of this course is to give you confidence and competence in your program design ability. To be able to lay an efficient and effective road map for your client and guide them to get the results they need, want, and deserve.

“The Muscle Nerds program design course has certainly set me apart from the crowd. There are a lot of people who think of program design as sets, reps and tempo but it is a lot more complex.

During the course you will learn about the Aerobic and the Anaerobic pathways, stress and stress management, Leastmode™ to Beastmode, Strength and Conditioning Protocols and how to piece it all together, which is what I think is the missing component from a lot of other courses I have attended.

The highlight of the course was the Practical Seminar at the end where we got to put a lot of the theory into practice which for me personally highlighted the importance of Aerobic Conditioning for general population clients which is my clients demographic.

The program design course has accelerated my career by years. I have gained the knowledge to be able to assess many different clients. I know exactly where I need to start them and how to guide them to becoming the “healthiest” version of themselves.”

Luke Ruthenberg, NSW

Let’s get Started

Interested in signing up for the Muscle Nerds Online Course? 

Are you a coach looking to write highly specific and individualised programs for your clients?  If so, getting as much relevant information upfront is always going to be step one.  This is why we have created an intake questionnaire for you to use to with all of your new clients.  The information you obtain from this questionnaire will be invaluable to the way you approach coaching them.