Group Call – Intake 8 Time Stamp

03:20 – Q – Luke mentioned that when at rest Fat-Carb Oxidation should be 70-30%. Is this affected by dietary composition, for example a high carb diet?

09:10 – How Elevated Stress levels and how poor Vo2 Max levels can affect substrate oxidation.

21:30 – Client Case Study – Powerlifting client is highly stressed, I only do her Nutrition and Conditioning protocols. She can’t break down anymore than 160g Protein and her carbs are set at 180g Carbs. What would you do in this scenario?

29:30 – Client Case Study – 60 Year old female client, overweight, 135/80 Blood Pressure, Stress Addict, when I do anything other than a basic circuit it sends her into a further stressed state where she almost shuts down, something similar to Narcolepsy. Have you ever seen anything like this?

1:05:50 – Q – What is your stance on walking after eating and the impact it has on digestion?

1:08:00 – Q – Can you explain Adaptogens?

1:11:20 – Client Case Study – Triathlete client has Gold standard blood pressure at 110/70 and a resting Heart Rate of 54-56 which are pretty good metrics but her HRV is around 58. Why would this be lower considering other markers are in check?