Group Call, Intake 11, Saturday 13th Feb 2021 Time Stamp

02:00 – Call begins and  injury discussion.

19:20 – Lecture on Kyphosis beginning with what is Hyperkyphotic posture?

33:27 – Common characteristics of Kyphosis.

51:53 – Structural vs Functional Kyphosis.

57:45 – Tests to understand whether your client has Structural or Functional Kyphosis.

1:09:48 – Treatment for excessive kyphosis we can apply.

1:21:44 – What progress can be expected?

1:24:03 – Q – With anterior loaders squats, is there potential to use zercher farmers instead of a squat if they cannot squat safely?

1:28:17 – Q – Do you film your assessments on clients to review it afterwards?

1:37:04 – Q – In regards to training your upper body, are there any ‘larger movements’ you are keeping in while fixing a kyphotic posture?

1:42:10 – Q – How do you get clients to buy into this structural balance work if they are so intent on hypertrophy, fat loss or ‘getting a sweat on’? 

1:53:20 – Q – What is the correct way to do a hip thrust?

2:01:22 – Q – When coupling a stretch movement with a contracted movement in the same muscle, such as a couch stretch with a FFESS, do you need to be careful to not overstretch the muscle?

2:10:35 – Q – How do you periodise long term structural balance?